🐼Introducing Puffy Pandy's Fundraising Program! 🐼

Are you or your organization ready to bring something exciting to your next fundraiser? Look no further! We're excited to present a fundraising opportunity that not only meets your financial goals but also catches your community's eyes while spreading our love for unique sweet treats!

Why Choose Puffy Pandy for Your Fundraiser?

  1. Irresistible treats: Our bakery is renowned for creating mouthwatering treats that leave a lasting impression. From Asian-Inspired flavored cream puffs, macarons, and tarts to artisanal mousse cakes, our selection is designed to satisfy every craving.

  2. High-Quality Ingredients: We believe in using only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients to craft our delectable goodies. Your supporters will appreciate the quality and authenticity that comes with every bite.

  3. Profitable and Simple: Fundraising should be hassle-free! With our program, you can effortlessly raise funds by selling our popular items. We provide competitive pricing, ensuring your organization retains a significant portion of the sales.

  4. Flexible Customization Options: Whether you're fundraising for a school event, community project, or charitable cause, our program adapts to your needs. Customize our treats to fit your goals and timeline.

  5. Engage Your Community: Food has a magical way of bringing people together. By offering our delectable treats, you're not just raising funds; you're creating memorable experiences that foster a sense of community spirit.

  6. Trusted Reputation: Puffy Pandy has built a reputation for excellence. Your supporters can trust the quality and taste of our products, making the fundraising experience enjoyable and reliable.

Ready to Elevate Your Fundraiser? Get Started Today!

Make your fundraising experience memorable, delightful, and profitable with Puffy Pandy. Join hands with us, and let's turn your fundraising goals into a reality. Please contact us at or call us 206-841-0052 for more information. 

Thank you for choosing Puffy Pandy!!